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Seiler Rapp & Guerra Defends Those Accused Of Sex Crimes

Anyone under investigation for a sex crime is in the most precarious personal and legal situation of their life. It is not an exaggeration to say that even a rumor of a sex crime charge can devastate your reputation. You need an attorney who understands the high stakes ahead of you right now.

Michael Seiler is precisely that attorney. What separates Michael Seiler from other lawyers is his experience as both a prosecutor and as a State Judge. As a prosecutor, Michael Seiler was chief of a District Court, he tried many individuals accused of sex crimes. Many trials were because defendants were not pleading to a sex offense. If that’s you, call Michael Seiler now. As a State Judge Michael Seiler was in charge of all sexual violent predators for the state of Texas. Michael Seiler knows the defenses, the experts to call to help you, and what jury’s are looking for. Michael Seiler has heard hundreds of sexual violent predator trials, heard thousands of hours of expert testimony. Michael Seiler knows sex crimes.

Preparing For What Is Ahead

Prosecutors are aggressive and unrelenting because of the overwhelmingly negative public attention to crimes such as:

However, because these are serious, devastating matters, you need skilled legal defense. It is your right to secure a vigorous defense lawyer.

Because of Michael T. Seiler’s experience, he can usher you through the initial preparations. He will outline the strategies that the prosecution will take. He will investigate the evidence against you. He will build a plan that aggressively protects what matters to you.

Your Freedom And Reputation Are On The Line. Turn To Seiler Rapp & Guerra

It is in your interest to contact attorney Michael T. Seiler when you become aware of an investigation against you. Time is not in your favor, and the sooner you act, the better off you will be. Attorney Seiler moves fast and fights aggressively for you.

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