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Protecting People Facing Child Pornography Charges

Few charges create the anger and aggressiveness of a child pornography charge. Distribution and possession of child pornography are severe, and if you are the target of such a charge, you must find a defense. The attorney you turn to must have the will and experience to fight these charges.

Attorney Michael Seiler of has the necessary experience to protect your rights. The immediate future of child pornography charges is nothing short of distressing, but you do have someone to turn to for help.

What Are The Stakes Of A Child Porn Charge?

The stakes of a child pornography charge are the highest you will ever experience. It’s more than just criminal, it touches on every part of your life, past and present. What’s at stake is:

  • Your freedom: A successful conviction of child pornography charges carries a sentence between two and 20 years in jail, depending on the charge.
  • Your reputation: No matter what you’ve done, no matter the success you’ve had, all of that becomes tainted by a child porn conviction.
  • Your livelihood: If your profession demands a license or security clearance, you may lose that license.

Michael Seiler has faced these high stakes frequently and will not back away. He will take on the stress ahead of you and fight to protect you.

You Have Rights. You Deserve Protection.

No matter the charge you face, no matter what the police say, you still have rights that deserve a zealous defense. That’s what Michael Seiler provides. As a former prosecutor and state judge, he has considerable insight into how to fight the charges against you.

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